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Q: What should I wear?

A: This is going to be a pretty active day, so we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore it’s probably best to wear loose, warm clothes (we’re in a church in February after all!), perhaps something you’d wear to a yoga class, so think leggins/tracksuit bottoms and sweat shirt. 


Q: My child is under 12. Can they come along?

A: We're really sorry but we're not able to cater for children below the age of 12 at the moment, but this is something we hope will change in coming years because it's just as important for children to experience flow. We hope you go back home and enjoy sharing what you've learned with them, and encouraging them to try something new.

Q: Can I bring my dog? 

A: As much as Make It Flow love dogs (you can also get into a great flow state walking with your furry friends) we’re not able to let any pets into the church.


Q: What’s for lunch?

A: At the first festival in February 2024 we were lucky enough to be joined not only by Sandro and the St George's Church Cafe who severed scrumptious cakes and pizza, but also the delicious Real Junk Food Project Brighton who brought tasty vegan treats to our hungry bellies, made completely from leftover food from supermarkets and hotels that otherwise would have been thrown away. We're hoping that they'll be able to join us again in 2025! Watch this space for updates.


Q: Is there parking?

A: I’m afraid that all parking on sight is for contributors only. There is however on street parking on the surrounding streets, or there are plenty of public transport options. Please checkout the Location page for further details on parking and public transport.

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