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PAST Workshops
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Nina Newman ceramics.



Create your own clay wall plaque which we will decorate and glaze during the session. Plaques will then be taken away by Nina to be fired after the session and will be ready for collection from Hove at a later date. 

Informed by her background in illustration and landscape photography, Nina's hand-built ceramics reflect her love of wildlife and passion for nature. Pencil sketches of natural forms are transformed into unique, contemporary designs. 

Her beautifully timeless pieces, with echoes of 1960s ceramics, playfully utilise glazed and unglazed areas, and instinctive surface decoration, to create distinctive patterns and finishes. 

Colours are muted and tonal in earthy, natural shades celebrating nature – the sea, coastal landscape, gardens, countryside and native flora.

ring making
beth chaplin


beth chaplin

You’ll carve and manipulate jeweller’s wax to make a ring, pendants or earrings under Beth’s expert guidance. You can choose to get your masterpiece cast in eco-silver, gold or gold plated and finished to your specifications at an extra cost. These will be returned to you by post within 4-6 weeks.

Jeweller Beth Chaplin has been running creative workshops for a wide range of children and adults for several years.

She is a self-confessed ‘workshop addict ‘and loves to learn new skills at other’s workshops. Being able to learn, create and make something new, helps her wellbeing, confidence and focus in life.


“During the jewellery carving workshops, I love the focus on the evolving creation using the hand tools - the manipulation of the jeweller’s wax, the repetition of carving, the cutting, sanding, the sounds and smells – all creating a calm focused mind and deeper connection with yourself and others around you. This is the ultimate flow state“




Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop. In this hands-on class, you will be guided through the process of making your very own macrame plant hanger. You will learn how to tie basic macrame knots, learn about different materials you can use and you will leave with the skills to continue making macrame at home.

No experience is necessary! This workshop is suitable for beginners. All the required materials are supplied and you will end up with your very own plant hanger to take home.

She was born and raised in Canada and has called Brighton, England my home for over 15 years. She grew up thinking that she didn’t have a creative bone in her body and because drawing was something she found challenging, She assumed that she was not creative.

Fast forward to when she became a mum and suddenly, she found herself interested in making and creating for herself and my family. Over the years she’s enjoyed discovering new hobbies from upcycling furniture, photography, crafting with her children and then 6 years ago I discovered my new love – macrame.

Jenny Granville

gold leaf gilding


She will be teaching us this beautiful ancient art of gilding at her workshop, where you will have the chance to gold or silver leaf gild a frame or an object you chose - like an acorn, ghinko leaf, honesty leaf or shell, which we will mount in a box frame for you.

You are welcome to bring a small special object to gild along to the workshop. Jeweller Beth Chaplin will be assisting her.

Jenny is a restorer specialising in the treatment of gilded objects. She has a degree in Conservation and Restoration from the City and Guilds of London Art School.

ej sparkles




E-J will introduce you to the relief printmaking technique of linocut to create an abstract printing block.  You will learn how to use specialist tools to carve shapes and lines into the lino. E-J will guide you through the process and allow you to get into your creative flow.

The emphasis of this workshop is on being in the moment of creation, and enjoying the process, rather than producing a perfected linocut print. You will have the opportunity to print your carved block onto paper and see your results.  


ejsparkles is a Brighton-based artist specialising in linocut printmaking. She creates bold prints using a vivid colour palette, often of a botanical theme and inspired by mid-century design.   Since 2018, E-J has been facilitating mindful and relaxing workshops introducing the linocut technique.  She is passionate about creating an environment that elicits confidence through making art; and believes that all adults are able to find their inner creative child who has often been discouraged by self-judgement and limiting beliefs engrained by past experiences.

jo hathaway painting workshop




Painting Abstract Watercolours. This workshop will teach you new tricks and techniques to use with watercolour, how to free and extend your practice and bring different effects and movement into your paintings.

Jo Hathaway is a Brighton-based fine art painter, illustrator and teacher who has been doing all three things for many years! She is a proud artist member of ArtCan, an international non-profit organisation promoting artists and the arts worldwide. She teaches art clubs, one day workshops and residential courses in a range of subjects, based on a positive and practical 'You Can' approach aimed at helping people to really enjoy creative practice, and take that joy and confidence into other areas of their lives.

Drawing - Jo Hathaway workshop




So you think you can't draw - two hours to prove you wrong! Go from total beginner to competent intermediate by learning this clever and effective system for drawing that will mean you can approach any subject with confidence. 

Jo Hathaway is a Brighton-based fine art painter, illustrator and teacher who has been doing all three things for many years! She is a proud artist member of ArtCan, an international non-profit organisation promoting artists and the arts worldwide. She teaches art clubs, one day workshops and residential courses in a range of subjects, based on a positive and practical 'You Can' approach aimed at helping people to really enjoy creative practice, and take that joy and confidence into other areas of their lives.


'So it turns out, I CAN draw!' Lisa Woolcroft, learner on the drawing workshop


 'Loved today, loved the chance to paint, loved the activities and am about to sign up for your abstract watercolours course - am going to become your course stalker!' - Clare Moore, learner on 'Where to Start With Abstract Art

moth studios workshop
Hilary Phillips




In this transfer printed textiles with plants workshop you will use dried plants, disperse dyes and heat to  create a stunning selection of unique printed fabrics suitable for many textile applications!

Hilary is Cumbrian girl living on the south coast of England in Worthing, West Sussex. She’s been a Creative Textiles & Art teacher for a very long time and she loves what she does. She  trained at Leicester polytechnic, graduating in 1987 with a BA Hons in Structural Textiles with a Weave specialism.


Her  love of making & stitching has been with her since she was a little girl. She can remember quite clearly desperately wanting to make something & having no needle and thread so she stuck all the fabric together with sellotape as that's all she had!

candle making workshop
Ben & Louise at Bouclé





This all natural candle making workshop gives you the chance to work with Ben & Louise from Bouclé, who have spent years experimenting with endless combinations of wax,

wick & scent sourcing the perfect all natural ingredients to pour candles which do not contain any synthetic wax, fragrance or colours.

You will work with essential oil mixology to pour 3 x 120ml candles in your unique signature scent that make perfect gifts for loved ones! 

This workshop is for beginners & you will receive full guidance from us. All levels of ability are welcome, all you need is a good nose and an inquisitive nature!

We will explore the wide range of essential oils that we have to work with before you develop your very own exclusive scent blend working out the perfect ratios to create a balanced all natural scent. You will also learn how to prepare your amber glass jars, measure out your unique fragrance blends & pour your aromatherapy candles to bring your scent to life!

plum blossom art workshop
plum blossom art




Jing is a Brighton-based Chinese artist, enthusiast, and tutor, known for creating Plum Blossom Ink Art. She utilizes Chinese bamboo brushes, ink, and natural pigments on Chinese Xuan rice paper for her artworks

Jing's paintings are inspired by nature, reflecting the Xieyi abstract, Gongbi fine line, and Pomo ink wash styles. Her focus lies on botanical themes, particularly flowers and birds.

In the realm of calligraphy, Jing's artworks draw on ancient philosophies and are presented in four different Chinese scripts, including the ancient seal and clerical styles.


She has practiced brush calligraphy since the age of five and has dedicated over 10 years to Chinese brush painting. Jing has received guidance from renowned artists in both China and the UK and holds a Chinese painting certificate in the Song Yuan traditional academic style.

Punch Needle Mug Rugs - MY CRAFT TRIBE - Cara Oliver.jpg
Cara Oliver - MY CRAFT TRIBE - Cara Oliv




Punch & Tuft - An introduction to punch needle techniques so you can master the essential skills and make a funky coaster to take home on the day.

This workshop is led by Cara, the fibre artist behind the Brighton & Hove based creative arts business, MY CRAFT TRIBE. Cara is passionate about all things yarn and a firm believer that everyone is creative and should enjoy the mental health benefits gained from connecting with others whilst we are absorbed in making... hence CREATE + CONNECT is the WHY behind MY CRAFT TRIBE.

Cara runs workshops and private events for adults and children including regular residence slots at Hove Museum of Creativity and the soon to be opened Village BN3 in Hove. The MY CRAFT TRIBE workshops are designed to be insightful, contemporary and fun.

"I LOVED it so just had to share....For anyone local to Brighton or surrounding areas I can highly recommend @mycrafttribe"

Workshop participant


Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 20.44.03.png
lisa dear



lisa dear

During this introduction to the tactile and therapeutic qualities of this natural material, you'll make a beautiful little woven willow tray.

Lisa weaves baskets and decorations that enhance everyday life and the home with the tactile and textural qualities that willow brings.

Working locally to Lewes, I hope to bring together the essence of the natural world and the human desire to gather, store, and carry through the sustainable use of renewable materials and the beauty of basketry.

Lisa’s basketmaking practice arises from a life spent living in the wilds of Britain travelling with horses and wagons. Ever since she felt the nourishing and connected feeling of being and living outside, in a holistic, elemental and natural way, she has pursued it. Along her travels she made her first willow basket sat around a fire on the chalk hills of Dorset. The potential to create a useful, meaningful vessel with natural and organic materials captivates her. Since then, to create a living in a sustainable and environmentally sound way has been integral to her life and she is always working to better her craft.



thai massage workshop
leonie taylor

Leonie taylor

In this workshop you'll learn how to use your breath, gentle meditative movement and self massage to ease body and mind.

Leonie is a Senior Yoga Teacher within the Vajrasati school of yoga, accredited with Yoga Alliance 500-hour Teacher Training Plus, teaching since 2006. Inspired by a desire to work deeply and therapeutically, both in classes, workshops and 1-2-1s as well as in applied bodywork, she has also studied extensively as a Therapeutic Thai Massage practitioner.

Leonie's book, Yoga & Somatics for Immune & Respiratory Health, co-authored with Charlotte Watts (Singing Dragon, 2022) was recently released, in Oct 2023

matcha setup


This workshop is split into two parts. Firstly learn about the healing properties of matcha, where and how matcha is cultivated. Once you have chosen a matcha you enjoy, Camille will show you how to prepare the perfect cup of matcha and a matcha latte.

Having indulged and tasted the deliciousness of matcha, sit back and relax with an extended meditation practice. The guided meditation will be suitable for beginners to meditation and will include a nervous system calming self-massage technique, followed by body scan meditation and will finish with a guided visualisation.

sound and aromatherapy workshop
siobhan swider

SIOBHAN swider

Siobhan is a freelance harpist, crystal therapist and alchemy crystal sound practitioner and has had many opportunities performing around the world in beautiful iconic venues such as Royal Albert Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Sydney Opera House.

She has studied sound therapy and healing at the Peter Hess institute in Andalusia Spain and the Sound healing academy in the U.K as well as qualified under Yantara Jiro and Ashana through their Alchemy crystal mastery practitioner programs.


She loves sharing the pure and potent sounds from the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls (made from many different gemstones, metals and minerals from the earth and beyond) in sound healing sessions alongside with the healing sounds of her harp and the gong. She is a graduate of the British Academy of Crysyal Healing and is a teacher at the Academy of Sound healing

tom woodfin workshop
tom woodfin

Tom woodfin

Tom is a former mixed martial artist now embodiment coach, EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy practitioner and breathwork & inner dance facilitator. He works through these modalities also drawing on a background in yoga, vipassana meditation and non violent communication, to help clients through unconscious conflicts and blockages, nervous system dysregulation and past trauma, build awareness and agency, become more in tune with their bodies, develop their inner compass and communicate more authentically.

coaching workshop

craft your inner bitch

Jess is a certified coach and Master NLP practitioner and is the creator of the Debitch Your Brain™ Methodology. High-energy and passionate, she’s on a quest to help women break free of the unhelpful narratives dictated to them by their inner critics - their bitches.

With her unique take on self-development she helps women empower themselves to be ‘thought-rebels’ to conquer their minds, becoming mentally fit and flexible by learning to self-coach and to harness the powers of their inner Wise Woman.

Jess's workshop, Crafty Bitch / Craft Your Inner Bitch is a tried and tested, playful session where you're invited to delve into the world of your inner critics. Using all of the senses, you’ll be taken on a journey of self-discovery and encouraged to use humour to help you unpack unhelpful narratives from your self-talk. Expect connection, laughter and ah-ha moments galore! This workshop is open to all genders – the inner bitch is not gender biased and all are welcome to play ❤

Coaching 1

finding your superpowers

Sally wants to create a world where everyone understands and embraces their strengths and the value they bring to themselves and others.  

She works with ambitious leaders and teams to discover and use their strengths so they can find more purpose, experience more joy and achieve more success at work and in life.  

Sally is an EMCC accredited coach and Clifton Strengths certified coach. 


In Sally's workshop she invites you to leave your inner bitch behind and come on a journey towards your true self. She will ground you and connect you to your inner guide, leading you through a series of experiences to uncover your strengths and how they show up for you before looking at areas of your life where you could be using your strengths more intentionally. You will focus on what’s great about you and leave with practical steps to help you create a life that’s filled with purpose, joy and success.

Coaching 2




Join Flow State Hove teacher,  Elly Geary,  for a 2 hour journey that will guide you through embodied movement and breath, with a focus on unraveling and exploring the science of connection.


Using our senses as a gateway to awareness we will arrive into a State of Flow.

Past Speakers


Alison Lapper was rejected by her mother at birth and spent her childhood and teenage years in specialist institutions, principally Chailey Heritage School.


The focus of education and training for disabled children at the time resulted in Alison being forced to wear artificial limbs in order to appear 'normal', although it was not until Alison left Chailey that the notion of her being different and disabled really struck her. She has been an outspoken commentator on disability issues ever since.

Alison Lapper




Alison first developed an interest in art whilst at school and became a Student Member of the MFPA at just sixteen. She went on to achieve a first class honours degree in Fine Art at the University of Brighton and in 2003 was awarded an MBE for services to art.

In 2000 Alison gave birth to her son Parys, her greatest achievement, and a huge source of love and pride. Alison and Parys have featured regularly in the BBC series 'Child of Our Time'. Marc Quinn's controversial statue 'Alison Lapper Pregnant' spent 18 months on the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square, raising disability awareness and prompting widespread public debate. Alison published her autobiography 'My Life in My Hands' in 2005.

Interested in running your own workshop at Make It Flow Festival 2025?

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 we will have a marketplace where you can browse and purchase unique handmade goods. Support local artisans and find one-of-a-kind treasures to take home as a reminder of your experience at the Make it Flow Festival.

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