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Thank you's

Arranging the Make It Flow Festival 2024 has been one heck of a ride, and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing support from our investors, The Chalk Cliff Trust Foundation.

Their grants have made it possible for us to provide a unique experience for the people of Brighton and beyond. We’re massively grateful for their belief in our mission to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits that flow state can generate in their personal lives and careers, via art, craft and wellbeing.

In addition to our sponsors, we were also very lucky to receive the help of many friends. We were amazed at how much everyone was able and willing to help, and we’re certain that their input and advice has had a big impact on how the festival has turned out. So shout outs to…


Will Chaplin for his beautiful logo design - we love it!

May Robinson for her fantastic website creation and overall involvement and words of encouragement

Bella Kosmala for her marvelous funding advice and sub-editing prowess 

Emily Garnham for her PR knowledge and know how

Camille Pierson for her business acumen and straight talking

Laurence McHill for his festival advice The Happy Start-Up School

Loud Shirt Beer


The Juice Company

All the ‘FEGS’ (Ruth Mulvie, Jessie Ford, Katie Spragg, George Wu, Yvonne Dawson) who gave some great (and very sensible) advice during the inception of Make It Flow


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